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PVC Coated Steel

Pipeline Corrosion Protection

PVC coated steel has been a revolutionary product for the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of electrical conduit and fittings. With this application it is now possible for stronger steel or aluminum piping to be used in highly corrosive environments or in conjunction with moving mechanical parts. The previous use of weaker PVC or plastic compound conduit usually made for convenient transport and installation, but typically led to higher maintenance costs as it could be damaged easily and did not last quite as long. PVC coated steel was the answer, but the only catch was that if the steel or aluminum conduit was not treated properly prior to the application or the application was not strong enough it would allow for corrosion. Accidental damaged during installation or by moving mechanical parts would equally weaken the conduits resistance qualities therefore requiring complete replacement.

The PVC coated steel provided by Perma-Cote has set the bar higher. Our proprietary and patented system of treating and coating steel or aluminum conduit has given them the lead in the industry for one simple reason. It works! The strength and durability of their products surpasses all others which has created lasting, loyal customers. Whether you are a distributor, sales rep, electrical contractor, builder or you love to do it yourself; once you become familiar with the Perma-Cote products they will always come back. The PVC coated steel meets or exceeds all standards for electrical conduit manufacturing and installation. Recently they were also given ETL performance verification.

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Perma-Cote products have been used in many different applications and industries. Petrochem, oil, gas, wastewater, paper, metals, mining, food processing, and pharmaceuticals are just a few of the uses for this PVC coated steel. Its superiority in the market is due to its unmatched performance which can be attributed to how it is manufactured. The most important step in the application is the preparation of the material to be coated. Perma-Cote's Ultrabond process uses a special formula of chemicals to clean the conduit prior the application of the PVC. This ensures proper adhesion to the conduit. The adhesion of the PVC to the conduit is so strong that during testing the plastic tears away while still leaving the conduit completely sealed and protected from corrosion. PVC coated steel that can resist being removed allows for the products to be used safely for longer periods of time. This can translate into lower maintenance and replacement costs making a more productive work environment.

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