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Chris CaldwellChris’s Corner the best place to get answers to your questions about PVC-Coated Conduit.

Chris Caldwell is the Quotations Manager and Lead Instructor of the Certified Installer Training Program at Corrosion College

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions from our customers such as:

  • Best Practices for Installation
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Repairing conduit
  • Why is the label for ETL-Verified PVC-001 Important
  • Benefit of PVC Coatings
  • Ordering PVC coated conduit
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  • Bending PVC coated conduit
  • Corrosion College
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  • Warranty
  • Much More

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  • Can you use a shoe for rigid metal conduit to bend PVC coated conduit Question: Chris, can I use a shoe for rigid metal conduit (RMC) to bend PVC coated conduit of the same size?
    Answer: There are shoes made specifically for PVC coated conduit which will accommodate for the exterior coating and bend the elbow properly. Using a shoe made for RMC will cause the coating to be pinched. Using a shoe for the next trade size up will collapse the elbow. Shoes made specifically for PVC coated conduit … Read more…
  • Is it ok to install a non-coated box along with my PVC coated conduit installation? Question: Chris, is it ok to install a non-coated box along with my PVC coated conduit installation?
    Answer: Non-coated boxes should never be used, only coated boxes will provide the protection necessary to prevent corrosion and maintain the necessary ratings. Also, non-coated products of any type should never be used with coated products. The product should be installed as a system and non-coated products compromise the integrity of the installation.
                  … Read more…
  • Perma-Cote: Chris’ Corner—Certified Installer Certificate Question: Chris, we are working on a project and the specification states “Installers must be certified and be able to present a valid, unexpired Installer Certification card.”  How do I obtain this card and why does it expire?

    Answer: The requirement for installer certification is something we are seeing in the marketplace, more and more.  A critical component of a PVC coated conduit system is proper installation.  Hence, since most failures are due to improper installation, proper installation is essential for ensuring the best possible service … Read more…

  • Perma-Cote: Chris’ Corner— Failure of PVC coating on rigid conduit What caused the failure of the protective PVC coating shown in the photograph below?

    It’s important to know that the PVC coating on this conduit did NOT fail in the field.
    It failed because of inferior manufacturing and was delivered to the jobsite already in a failed condition.
    In short — this is an example of premature product failure at its most extreme.
    Technically, this represents a failure of PVC coating to adhere to the steel conduit substrate that … Read more…